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"We can help you accomplish your goals and live your dreams."

"I suffered for many years from panic attacks; heart racing, cold clammy hands, emergency hospital visits, certain I was having a heart attack. I stopped going to places out of town for fear I would have a panic attack. Fran's gentle approach cleared out my unwanted feelings that have been holding me back for many years. Once the unwanted feelings were removed, I felt I had my old life back. I'm no longer a prisoner of my fearful thoughts."

"I smoked daily two packs of cigarettes for over twenty years. Had the cough, pains in my chest, doctors and family telling me to quit. After two visits with Fran, I left her office as if I never smoked. No withdrawal symptoms, no weight gain, cough disappeared within a few weeks. Fran's approach was unique, she explained what hypnosis was and what to expect with the two session, made me feel comfortable. She asked questions about myself and designed the sessions I felt was suited just right for me."

"Being in the business world for years I dreaded at least once a month giving presentations. Many times the fear was so strong I would make up excuses to get out from speaking, I knew had to stop. Fran explained to me she would help me to gain the confidence needed to do any presentation. She was right with each session as the fear was disappearing I felt my confidence growing stronger. When the day came and there I was in front of a group of people speaking loud and clear feeling wonderful."

I would bite my nails consciously and unconsciously for years.  I was even biting my nails in Fran’s waiting room while filling out forms.  Things happened to me in my life that was so painful; nail biting was a great distraction.  Working with Fran I now know all my negative experiences in life don’t reflect who I am anymore.  I am who I am, worthy and finally at peace with myself and letting the past be the past.  PS:  Even before I completed my sessions with Fran my nails look great and I’m finally wearing my beautiful ring jewelry.



I’m much more aware of my emotions that now make me more control of alcohol instead of alcohol controlling me.  Before I know I drank because of my feelings.  Now I’m more in touch with my feelings and express them instead of swallowing my feelings down with alcohol.  I’m sleeping so much better now.


Project Manager

Before I was stressed, anxious, and unhappy.  As a result of working with Fran I’m much calmer and things don’t bother me as much.  I’m happier.  In general waking up in the morning is much easier, I’m more social, and more motivated.



What I really like about working with Fran for years I suffered from anxiety working with Fran I feel I now have serenity in my life.  I have excitement in my life, my business has improved, my decisions both personally and professionally are much easier and clearer.

J. S.

Business Owner

My skin picking stopped after years.  I’ve learned how to express feelings and communicate easily.  Overall I feel calm, more confident, and better about myself.


College Student

When I first called Fran, I did not know what to expect.  I knew that I needed to make some changes in my life and I needed to try something different.  Fran was (and is) very open, very warm and most encouraging.  The journey of hypnosis is one that is life changing.  I have benefited by this experience in many ways, some obvious, some very personal.  It has and will always be one of the greatest gifts I will ever give myself.



I feel confidence, the ability that it’s okay to stop for a moment and think before I speak and give thought before I eat.  In the past with weight at work before presentations I would fill up on food, eat pastries, scones all high calories.  Now before a presentation I have a brand muffin.  I used food as a reward because of the stress of my day.



I came to Fran for help with my eating habits.  What I didn’t know is that I had many years of subconscious baggage that stood between me and being happy.  The fact that I am eating better is an ancillary benefit.  I am in a much better place than when I started the hypnosis process.  I have an inner contentment and an outer happiness that has been absent for years.

W.N. K.


I would like to thank you for helping me with my anxiety.  As a result of working together with you I feel much more relaxed and able to place my worries to the side and learning how to relax.  I feel less stressful and more patient with my family and in life in general.  For years I suffered with anxiety and felt it would never leave, now I know different.  Things do not upset me as much as they once did I feel more calm and in control.  Thank you so much.



The hypnosis work that I did with Fran was simply amazing.  The sessions in her office were powerful and life changing for me.  I feel like I now have power over my mind and as a result I’m finding that I’m enjoying life more.  Simply put, I am a happier person as a result of this work.  As I leave this office tonight I now feel more equipped to deal with my anxiety as well as everyday stresses.  Thanks for the strategies Fran and thank you for giving back…me!


Assistant Principal


I went to see Fran because of stress.  It just was taken over me.  I’ve learned I have the right to speak my mind and put others feelings in their proper perspective.  I now know the difference and understanding how to approach situation and the right to work it out. I feel so much better.



Having hypnosis with Fran Palumbo has made a profound change in the way I view myself and in the way I envision my future.  I came to Fran worn out from anxiety and insomnia and worried that my physical heath was being undermined by my inability to remain calm and feel in control of my own life.  Through hypnosis I was able to recognize the sources of my anxiety and to reshape my way of viewing events…both in the past and in the present.  I now sleep better, have lower blood pressure, am much calmer and able to concentrate at work, and feel hopeful again.  Equally important, Fran taught me methods to reduce stress, including self-hypnosis, that has become important parts of my daily routine.  Fran Palumbo is a very ethical and well-informed practitioner of hypnosis and I recommend her highly.  I consider myself truly blessed to have found her.

J. N.


I am very happy I came to see Fran Palumbo.  I was having trouble with procrastination that effected more aspects of my life than I was aware of.  The treatments were not what I expected, they were very interactive.  Fran has helped me so much.  It was well worth the time and money.


Self Employed

Fran’s program helped me a great deal to deal with anxiety.  I feel less anxiety and learned to maintain a positive attitude.  There is a freeing of calm inside me.  Blood pressure always high, now it’s good.



Fran M. Palumbo, LLC
60 Katona Drive, Suite 8
Fairfield, CT 06825

To Whom It May Concern,

Fran is someone with whom I entrusted my most private hopes and dreams with. She is an individual who has not only helped me take back the control in my life, but rather gave me the powerful tools to take back my life. I truly believe in the Fran M. Palumbo, LLC programs and above all Fran herself.

I came to know Fran through a newspaper advertisement. I said to myself “hypnosis, no way”, but I was so desperate and out of control, dealing with anxiety and the attacks that come along with many paralyzing consequences. I no longer took escalators, elevators, stopped driving on highways, and ceased all airplane travel. My life was consuming me. I no longer was that free spirited, independent woman I once was. I became someone I didn’t know and above all hated. I was desperate and wanted to be free. The moment I met Fran I felt at ease. She has an endearing smile, an angelic voice, and the touch of safety and peace. She gave me the powerful “know how” to change the course of my life. The life I wanted to live, to breathe, and above all consume.

I spent three life changing hours with Fran and worth every second. She explained to me what hypnosis was, what it could do for me, and above all the power of suggestions. She made me feel at ease, answering all of my questions. I consider her to be a coach tapping into the best part of who I was and had the ability to be.

I left Fran’s office that day, called my husband crying with joy and almost in disbelief that now I had taken back the control and power, once lost, to begin living my life. I could not believe I “hopped” on the Merritt Parkway, only 2 exists, nonetheless, feat I’d wanted to do for over 7 years. I began sobbing tears of joy and happiness. I was so proud of myself. I felt exhilarated. I knew it was the beginning of all beautiful things my life had in store for me. Three weeks later I flew to the Bahamas with a friend and to be honest, people who knew me were in disbelief. What happened to her?” they would say. I quietly said to myself, “I’m back!!!”

Over the course of these past 3 years I continue to use the tools Fran helped me to achieve and live a life with great fulfillment, energy, and pride. I drive all over the state including Manhattan, not even “normal” people will undertake that feat. I no longer need the Post Road to get me places. I know every short cut on the books, but “happy” to report, highways are quicker. However, 3 years later I needed her again, to stop that nasty and life threatening habit: SMOKING! I knew only she could help me. I trusted her. In two sessions I became a healthier and more motivated individual. I stopped smoking, again in disbelief. However, it wasn’t hard. The cravings were no longer controlling me. Fran made it very clear “why the heck should I have a nasty weed wrapped up in paper control my health and steal my life”, a nasty weed with no thoughts or feeling. I must admit, “I have 3 degrees, know the dangers of smoking and still.......? A cigarette controlled me, stupid, huh?’ Fran reassured me that I had the ability to control this nasty habit and knew if anyone could get me to quit it was Fran. After session 1 I was smoke free. However, the next morning with coffee in hand I needed one. Or did I? As I entered her office to begin session two, she asked me how I felt and if I had smoke. Yes, I did that morning. She was not disappointed but reassured me today would be the day. She believed in me. I was not embarrassed to be honest with her because she saved my life in the past. I believed in her and proud to say I am smoke free. She taught me techniques to use if I were to get the urge and use them whenever and wherever necessary.

I truly believe in Fran. She is a mentor, coach, life-saver, and above all the best teacher I ever had, “to teach is to touch a life forever”.

People come in and out of our lives for reasons and Fran is one reason I am here today, loving and embracing my life. I cannot talk enough about her to others. She has forever touched my life and for that I am thankful.


At 40 years of age, I was facing my mother’s declining health & still struggling with the pain of our relationship. After years of therapy, Fran cleared it up and I found peace.

M. I.

Hi Fran,

I know you are going to check on me, but...I lost 10 pounds! I am walking on the treadmill and walking around with ankle weights. I am so happy...and I haven't even been that good about self-hypnotizing myself or concentrating on chewing. But I don't eat between meals, I drink a lot of water, I just watch how much I eat. I feel so much better emotionally!

I am planning to really work on listening to your cd's and concentrating on what I am eating.


Hi Fran,

When I left your office I knew I was a non-smoker and I felt as if I never smoked. After over 20 years of smoking I could not believe I did not experience any withdrawal symptoms, which in the past would have made me pick up a cigarette. I feel great and want to thank you so much for your time and passion.


Hi Fran,

I am eating less, exercising more, and have easily and effortlessly lost 10lbs. (in 5 weeks). I feel positive about the future and that I have changed my way of eating. I feel in control of food. I have also been able to remember my past more and that makes me feel good.


Since I did hypnosis with Fran, I have been really feeling great! I am eating less, exercising more, and have easily and effortlessly lost 10lbx. In five weeks. I feel positive about the future and that I have changed my way of eating. I feel in control of food. I have also been able to remember my past more and that makes me feel good.


Working with Fran has changed how I look at eating and food. It’s helped me see the difference between “emotional” eating and eating to satisfy my hunger. My spirit has been uplifted by this experience. I was able to deal with and resolve some of the reason I was eating. I feel very light physically and emotionally.


What I really liked about working with Fran she “digs” to find the root cause of emotions. I don’t even crave the sweets that I used to be addicted to. I am more in control of my life as well as losing weight.


The reason why I came to see Fran was to quit smoking. She helped me see my smoking was attached to my feelings. She gave me more than I thought, now I’m not smoking and I’m more balanced. I understand my feelings now and that helps me realize I don’t need a cigarette anymore. I am more happier than ever. Thank you Fran.


This program has been great for me and is yielding great results for my family. For the first time I have seen the path to inner peace and happiness...and I understand the programming that went into my make-up as a person. Thanks for letting steam out of the pressure cooker!


Just wanted to thank you for your help and compassion on all my issues. I’ve recommended you to a friend of a friend who doesn’t think they can stop. Most powerful thoughts, “not letting myself let that 13 year old be exposed to the poison.” It sounded weird when you said it but I was open to anything and you know what, it totally works. Why would I choose to poison myself, young or old. Conscious or sub, it’s still dumb. Very powerful and affective. Thank you again and I can’t wait for your unnecessary call in a month to check on me. All is well.


I am a 29 year old female who has struggled most of my life with compulsive eating: I planned my meals with the focus of a surgeon; I dreamed about food with the delight of a child in a toy store; I satisfied every food urge and was upset if I didn’t have access to whatever I wanted to eat. Food was never far from my thoughts (or mouth). Fran has peeled back the layers of my obsession and stopped me of it! I feel free! I am so grateful to have control over my emotions and mind more than that I’m glad Fran took the time for me to understand why I made food an ultimate thing in my life so it will never be a problem again. What a gift it is to be free!


Since I did hypnosis with Fran M. Palumbo, my confidence and self-esteem have greatly increased. I’ve found it easier to eat healthier and the motivation to exercise daily. Overall, I feel happier and positive about my future.


I learned to get in touch with my feelings and how to recognize and effectively deal with them. I know now that as much as I “thought” I knew about myself is as “little” as I knew. I am confident that my weight loss goal will be met and sustained as I move forward in life.



I came to see Fran to help me control my eating habits. After the first session I completely changed my habits and began eating healthier. Now, after completing the program, I feel completely in control of my eating and have a better understanding of my emotions where they come from.