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Compact Disc: Reducing Stress Through Meditation

Stress Reduction CD Overcome stress and anxiety with this top quality, meditation CD "Reducing Stress Through Meditation," by Fran M. Palumbo. Everyone can identify with stress, so learning stress management techniques to relax is significant for your over all sense of well-being. Each title combines powerful meditation techniques from guilded imagery, healing breathwork, self-hypnosis and much more. The incredibly relaxing meditative state evoked by listening to the CD has been proven to reduce stress, improve mental awareness and with a new sense of inner peace. This self-help CD is a natural approach for healthier living and have been sold world wide. To learn more Check out our Stress Reduction CD
  1. Healing Light
  2. Charge Yourself With Loving Light
  3. The Palm of Your Hand Technique
  4. Self Hypnosis For Injury, Illness, Disease
  5. Love and Compassion
  6. I am With You Always

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The CD, "Reducing Stress Through Meditation," was designed to help undo ones destructive habits. With continued practice one can reach perfection of that pure state of total presence which is the real meditation, "I am with you always."

Listening time: Approximatly 90 minutes
Price: $12.95 + Shipping & Handling

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Fran has created six uniquely guided meditations on "Reducing Stress Through Meditation." Each CD contains its own purpose for healing, letting go, forgiveness, motivation, visualization, and manifesting. The CD has a running time of approximately 90 minutes. Take this new journey within yourself and find what Fran has found a much healthier transformation in your life.

I sincerely take no credit for these meditation. If ever there was an intervention of what happened to me while being silent and listening to the 'still small voice' within us all. I honestly do not feel I'm an authority on meditation. I'm just passing on to others what has made a healthier transformation in my life. Allow me to guide you through and experience you'll remember.

I have been asked so many times, "How long should I meditate?" In the beginning I could only sit for thirty seconds to a minute. What I realized the Universe as I know it does not know time, it's the intent that counts, and that intent can work for our good or for a lot of sadness, depending on our intent.

  1. Healing Light...This meditation will bring relaxation to the body from the top of the head to the tip of your toes. I will ask you to focus on an area of the body that may have discomfort. Or, if there is a place in the body that needs healing. Some do not feel link with using a form of light and that's okay use whatever is your belief. Many will see light and many will not in that case just thinking of a light is all you'll need to do. I was an independent consultant at a local area hospital when they approached me to come up with a meditation that will appear on their close circuit television for patients to turn on and listen while lying in their bed. So, I imagined myself in a hospital bed and asked myself what I would want to listen to if I was ill. I placed a microphone on my chest and began to speak and the "Healing Light," was born.

  2. Charge Yourself With Loving Light... Is a letting go meditation of your worries and concerns you may have towards others or possibly within yourself. I cannot begin to express how this meditation has helped me throughout my personal heartaches in my life, especially with people I love dearly. It comforts me enough to lessen my worries which cleared my mind to make decision out of wisdom with a satisfying outcome.

  3. The Palm Of Your Hand Technique...Is a visualization meditation for manifesting: might be for perfect health, prosperity, or a certain goal. This meditation was especially useful when I would travel either by airplane or long distances by vehicle. I would sit still and imagine leaving my home driving to the Airport without incidents. Entering the airport, boarding the airplane sitting peacefully as I reached my destination safely. When finished I would not give any other thought to my travel's. I must say I was always amazed how well this worked for me.

  4. Self-Hypnosis For Injury, Illness, Disease...This meditation will bring relaxation and comfort to the body and will focus on the part of the body that has caused you to suffer that has caused you discomfort. Many individuals who have listened to this, benefited while in treatment for chemotherapy or radiation. I recall a woman waiting to go into surgery listening to my CD. After the surgery asking for the CD to listen while the nurse on call was taking her vital signs. They seem puzzled and kept telling the patient, "This can't be so, your vital signs should be higher!" The patient replied, "You don't understand I'm listening to Fran." Can you imagine how confused those nurses were that day? As a matter of fact throughout the patient treatments she only listened to "Self-Hypnosis for Injury, Illness, and Disease." I'm happy to report she still around and her cancer treatment was well over 14 years ago. I've also heard on several occasions how others in treatment for cancer while under radiation did not tarnish as much as they should have. Or while undergoing chemotherapy their side effects were not as harsh on them.

  5. Love and Compassion...If we do not have love and compassion are hearts perish. This will aid to transform an angry heart into a healthy heart that allows the cells of the body to dance with joy. This meditation has to do with forgiveness, possibly towards yourself, towards someone that you care about, and lastly towards someone you are not fond of. We all have experience in our life some kind of suffering, no one escapes it whatever the degree may be. Many times suffering comes to us from others or even sometimes we may have caused our own suffering.

  6. I AM With You Always...I saved the best for last. You see it's my belief true meditation is not what you say to God, Higher Power or whatever gives you comfort. It's what that Power has to say to you because I have found it has a lot more interesting things to say to me, then I to It.

I have learned, everything I really need to know is right where I am. All I have to do is be still and listen. Remember this, the mind does what we tell it and the body obeys. Meditation guides you to clear your mind and heart with delight. Yes, no one can escape unwanted feelings or unwanted events, meditation can help you get through them. The path to inner peace is definitely through meditation.

I wish you continued success,