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Stop Smoking
Panic Attacks
Remove Fears
Stress Related Illness
Removes Habits
Fear of Dark
Fear of Dentist
Nail Biting
Hair Pulling
Public Speaking
Migraine Headaches
Chronic Pain
Test Anxiety
Abuse Issues
Improve Mood
Sleep Disorders
Improve Sports
Post Traumatic Stress
Grief and Loss
Sexual Issues
Pre and Post Operative
Drug and/or Alcohol Addiction
Anger Issues
Pain Management
Pregnancy & Postpartum
Stress Management


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Fran Palumbo

Heal Yourself With MeditationMeditation is the art of quieting the mind and just being still. It is a supreme act of self-love and one of the most powerful gifts you can ever give yourself. Meditation will profoundly affect your body, mind, and your over all sense of well-being.

Fran’s commitment to meditation inspired her to design a unique stress reduction program:

“Reducing Stress Through Meditation”

WHEN You MEDITATE A new awareness arises, and you will see things with a new perspective and in a different light.

In the beginning you will notice very little change. Then, almost effortlessly, you will approach that which used to be difficult in a healthier way.
You will be in the present moment more often and feel greater control and less anxiety.
You will also create greater balance, and learn to maintain a positive attitude.

You WILL LEARN Meditations for quiet time as well as simple techniques that you can use throughout your day to reduce stress.

Some of these techniques include:

Breath Awareness

You will have a clear understanding and a solid foundation of what meditation is.


Breathing slows
Pulse slows
Blood pressure drops
A deeper sense of relaxation
Greater mental alertness and a decrease in physiological tension
Heightened personal effectiveness
Lowered metabolic rate, heart rate and respiratory rate
Decreased blood lactate levels (which lessens muscular tension)
Conscious awareness of one's thoughts
A sense of inner calm
A mechanism to reduce and manage everyday stress

Reducing Stress Through Meditation Workshop Classes

Or structured to your group, company or individual needs. Presentations are available on audio CD

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Meditation Research and Studies - Benefits of Meditating

Scientific research has found invaluable medical and health benefits associated with meditation. Here’s a look at the results of some of the studies.

Although meditation research began back in the 1800s, it wasn’t until the 1970s that scientists decided to take a closer look at meditation and all of the positive results that individuals derive from this practice. The results reveal that meditation has many positive effects on both the mind and body.

Mediation Benefits

In early modern day meditation studies, research began on the medical benefits of meditation. In a report published in the New England Journal, (Stone and DeLeo, 1976,) participants suffering from hypertension who practiced meditation for six months were able to reduce their average systolic blood pressure by an average of 15 points.

In 1979, the Journal of Human Stress, (Cooper and Aygen,) reported that people suffering from very high cholesterol were able to lower their cholesterol levels by an average of 30 points after meditating for 13 months.

Meditation Studies

With the popularity of transcendental meditation in the 1980s, science began to take a closer look. A study in Psychosomatic Medicine, (Orme-Johnson, 1987,) showed that people who meditated needed to use their medical insurance at least 47% less than non-meditators.

Another article posted in Psychosomatic Journal, this time in 1998, showed the results of a study done on meditation and psoriasis. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zion took a group of patients undergoing light treatment and had some of them perform the treatment alone, while other members of the study incorporated meditation into their treatment regime. Patients who meditated saw the condition clear up four times faster than those who didn’t meditate.

As studies continued many more positive effects of meditation were found. Some of the benefits were physical, while others were psychological positive effects include.

  • Diminished Anxiety
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Motor Skill Improvement
  • Less Dependence on Drugs Pain Reduction
  • Better Concentration

Of course the above list only touches on some benefits that meditation research has shown.

Kantor SD Psoriasis Research Institute, Palo Alto, California 94301. Cutis (US) Oct 1990, 46 (4) pg. 321-2